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Attention Homeowners: If You’re Thinking of Hiring a Landscaping Company…

Read This Important Message So You Don’t Get Burned!

These secrets have helped homeowners save money, time, and aggravation when hiring a landscaping company. Now, it’s your turn to put them to work so you can get the best quality work, for the best price, and have the best experience possible!

Dear Homeowner,

Hi, my name is Brett Pieratt and I’m the president of San Diego Landscape Solutions Inc.

My company has won numerous Super Service Awards from Angieslist… winning 6 of the last 7 years for superior
customer service. We are an A+ rated company on San Diego Better Business Bureau’s website. We are also proud members of the San Diego Chapter of the CLCA ( California Landscape Contractors Association)

Now, if you’re like a lot of homeowners who call us initially, it can be tough to know exactly what to look for and ask for when hiring a landscaping company. After all, you’re not only looking to hire a landscaping company who’ll do the best job for the best price… you want to make sure you’re not getting overcharged, you want to make sure the work is quality, and that it’s done on time….the first time.

Bottom line, you want to avoid problems when hiring a landscaping company.

I get that. And honestly, that takes being informed and educated about what to look for when hiring a landscape
company.After all, my business has flourished over the years because we’re more than willing to spend the time to
inform our customers why we’re the best when it comes to choosing a landscaping company.

But I soon realized that I was providing this necessary information to ONLY those people in my town who called me.

I knew that so many other homeowners could use this information to make the best choice when it came to finding the perfect landscape company who will do the best work, at the best price for best overall experience.

Perhaps you’ve already experienced some troubles or issues with your landscaper? Maybe they didn’t do the kind of work you were looking for? Maybe they weren’t the price you were hoping? Or maybe they didn’t show up, or they overcharged you, or caused you to have a poor experience for some reason.Well, if you’ve hired a landscaper before, the odds are that you have had some issues. If you want to AVOID potential problems that can cost you money and aggravation the next time…then you’re about to be extremely happy.

Could Hiring the Perfect Landscaping Company Be As Easy As A Few Simple Steps?

You see, I’ve heard all the issues and problems from homeowners when it comes to hiring a landscaping company.

So, I wanted to do something about it… and give you a resource that would help answer all your questions so you can
choose the best one for the job.

In fact… I know you want to hire the best landscaping company for the best price, the best work, and the best experience….so I wanted to do my best to help.

So I decided to take everything I know when it comes to helping homeowners choose the best landscaping company and put it in a program you can use.

Here’s the deal: If you’re not happy with your current landscaping company, or you’re thinking about hiring one in the near future…I’d like to help you get the best work, at the best price, and enjoy the best experience possible.

After all, the reason why you may have had a bad experience previously, when hiring a landscaping company, was because you didn’t know what to look for, the questions to ask, or any of the important details.

All You Need Is GUIDE so you Get the Best Work done for Your Property,
at the Best Price, and the Best Terms.

It’s really that simple.The truth is, making the best choice possible for you and your property involves LEARNING from others mistakes… so you can avoid them too. Sometimes we think we just have to go with the first company we called… and that we can’t ask questions. Sometimes we don’t even know what to ask, or what to look for.

Well, no longer do you have to wonder what to ask or look for when selecting a landscape contractor.

Introducing “How to Hire A Landscape Contractor” Getting It Done Right The First Time!

This is the first and only E-book that teaches homeowners about the process involved in hiring a professional landscape contractor.

It includes every detail a homeowner needs to consider and pay attention to in order to have the best possible experience when hiring a landscaper or landscaping company.

This 70-page eBook will give you a detailed list of all the things you need to consider when hiring a company. This way, you can avoid all of the most common mistakes and problems that occur.

Look, when you’re spending a lot of money on your landscaping, you want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. This guide will actually be an investment for you, because it can save you a lot of money in the long run. For example, it can prevent you from getting overcharged… so that right there makes it worth the money.

Why This Guide Saves You Time and Money

Sure, the Internet has a few tips here and there… but there’s no comprehensive step by step guide that walks you through all aspects of hiring the best company.

I provide an unbiased professional perspective to help you through the process of hiring a landscape contractor. I cover everything from design, to budget, to planning, to interviewing contractors, to selecting the RIGHT one for the project and seeing it through to completion.

I created this e-book when I heard from my customers just how hard it was for them to choose a landscape company. Many of them told me about some pretty horrible experiences they had before finding me.

So I wanted to help more people out when it came time to hire a landscape contractor. And judging by all the feedback I’ve already gotten, I’m quite confident it can help YOU too.

There’s no reason holding you back from enjoying the perfect experience when choosing a landscape company who will do the best job, at the best price, in the best amount of time for you.

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried to hire a landscaper and it never worked out. But this e-book will help because it’s written by a landscaping company that has won many awards for service.

Not only that, but since we’re in San Diego and probably wouldn’t be able to help you in your town… this is the next best way we can not only help you get the best results for your lawn… but also protect you from getting scammed or having a bad experience.

When you read this e-book, you’ll discover:

  • What you must do before you even think about hiring a landscape company
  • Understand exactly how anyone can get the best work done at the best price – it’s not as tough as you think (and it’s probably different then you think, too)!
  • How to use the internet to find a great landscape company (the usual advice is out of date and doesn’t work anymore).
  • You’ll have the inside track on how to avoid the top mistakes that can cost you a lot of money and problems and how to make yourself bulletproof from making these mistakes!
  • The best questions to ask any potential landscaper
  • The “sneaky” (but legal, moral, and ethical) way to weed out the ones who shouldn’t be doing the job!
  • The reason why you should never hire a landscape company without checking on this first.
  • My proven step-by-step strategy for making the entire process of choosing a landscaper as easy as possible – it’s as simple as 1-2-3!
  • I’ll even show you how to get the highest quality work at the best price, at the best terms, in less than you’d spend finding just one tip online– not only is it possible, it’s easier to do it this way!
  • The things that honest landscapers know and will tell you… but the less than honest ones who just want the money won’t!

This Guide Will Also Cover:

  • How to Hire a Landscape Contractor
  • Why Should You Hire a Licensed Landscaping Contractor?
  • Requirements of a Licensed Landscaping Contractor:
  • What to Do Before You Hire a Landscape Contractor
  • Budget and Problem Areas
  • Initial Contact with Landscape Contractors
  • Referrals
  • Interviewing Landscape Contractors
  • List of items to discuss, in person, with landscape contractors.
  • License and Insurance
  • Comparing Bids/Proposals
  • List of Items to Get from the Contractor Upon Completion
  • Tips to Keep Your Project on Time and on Budget
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Hiring a Landscape Contractor
  • Glossary and terms you should know

And that’s only the beginning. After you’ve read the e-book, what once appeared mysterious will suddenly become clear and easy!

How Much Does It Cost?

I know, you might be wondering, “What’s the catch?” After all… why would a landscape contractor write a book that shows homeowners how to pick the best company to use? Honestly? So you don’t get scammed. Look, we’ve been doing this for a long, long time. We’re professionals. We’re members of the San Diego BBB and Angieslist Super Service Award Winner year after year!

The truth is, it’s important to me to make sure you get a great value. It’s good for my reputation. And it helps me help more customers. Look, if the only thing this did was help you avoid getting scammed so you don’t lose thousands of dollars from dishonest landscaping companies, that’s worth $500, isn’t it?

And if this program saves you from hours and hours of time researching online, trying to find out how to hire a landscaper, that’s worth at least $500, right? And if this program allows you to get the highest quality work done, for the best price, the best terms, and the best experience… that’s worth $500, right?

The good news is… this e-book does every single one of those things, and more! But I’m not even going to think about asking you to pay $500. In fact, it won’t even cost you HALF or $250.

Because its FREE

I want to help you save money, time, aggravation, and frustration. I want to help you avoid mistakes and problems that will cost you money and stress. I want to help you avoid getting scammed!

Why I Want to Help You Choose a Landscaper

I’ve really bent over backwards to build my business on honesty and integrity. As a family man, those things mean the world to me. So it’s important that I offer you something that can help you choose the best company.

That’s how I feel business should be done… with honesty and integrity. That’s how I want to build my business. Again, since we’re in San Diego and probably can’t help you directly, this is the next best way to protect you from shady companies. We CAN offer you the necessary information to make the best choice for you.

Bottom line… we can help you eliminate hours spent finding and researching how to pick a landscape company… so you can enjoy more time with your family.

I can help you find out how to choose the best company, for the best price, the best terms, and the best work. Besides, wouldn’t you rather save the headaches, hassles, and time of find out this stuff yourself?

This e-book can save you from having a horrible experience as well as save you money. I’ll help you pick out the best landscape company for you… without having to pay a fortune for it. You’ll be proud of your property and we’ll be glad to have helped.


About the Author:

Brett Pieratt is President of Award Winning San Diego Landscape Solutions Inc. We are a San Diego Landscape Contractor that provides custom landscape design and construction services in San Diego County. We create dream landscapes and more importantly, educate homeowners on how to streamline the process of hiring a landscape contractor and make it a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience.

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