Installing a new sod lawn – It’s all in the prep work!

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Installing a new sod lawn – It’s all in the prep work!

Installing A New Sod Lawn – How To Do It Right The First Time.

Installing a new sod lawn will give your property a complete facelift.
A new lush green lawn will also add value to your property.

But it must be done correctly to get a lawn that will look good for many years to come. The secret is in the preparation for the new sod.

Here is how to do it correctly.

Step 1 – apply a weed and grass killer to the old lawn.
That should be applyed with a pump sprayer and a commercial grade lawn and weed killer (roundup) works well.

Step 2 – Allow the lawn/weed killer to work its magic – let set for 7-10 days to allow the product to work its way down into the root system to completely kill off old lawn/weeds. For heaving weed infestation, you
may need to do a second application to be sure its knocked out completely before removing the dead lawn.

Step 3 – for both large and small areas, we recommend using a sod cutter (available at your local rental yard) to cut out the old lawn. Remove the debris and haul it to the local landfill or recycle plant.

Step 4 – Pass a rototiller through the area to loosen the soil and remove any additional roots from the old lawn. Rake out thoroughly.

Step 5 – Add new soil/ compost with amendments to the area.

Step 6 – Rototill the new soil in with existing to amend the two together.

Step 7 – Grade the area to slope to drainage if necessary. At this time, also be sure to check your irrigation system to be sure you have head to head coverage.

Step 8 – Measure the area to get your sod order ready. We normally add 5% over the actual measurement to account for waste during sod installation.

Step 9 – Select the type of sod that is best for your landscape and place your order for delivery.

Step 10 – Install the sod the same day it arrives. Its a perishable product and be sure your preparation is completed before placing your order. We like to use a starter fertilizer and a grub control before installation for best results. After sod is installed, get a sod roller to make sure new sod makes good contact with soil and flattens out any divots.

Step 11 – Water thoroughly for 1 week (3 times per day) 10 minutes per station. Water times are 5am, 11am, and 2 pm. gradually tapering back on the second week. Never water at night as it will stimulate fungus and disease.

Step 12 – Do not cut the new sod for at least 2 weeks…most of the time 3 weeks will be optimal timing and be sure to not cut it when its wet. Also be sure not to cut the new sod too low. Be sure to shut off irrigation 1 day prior to the first cut.

Step 13 Enjoy your new lawn.

Its alot of work taking care of this project by yourself but it can be done during a weekend with some help. You may considering hiring a landscape professional to make sure you get the best possible results.


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