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The importance of planning and design to create a functional, yet visually stunning outdoor space cannot be emphasized enough. San Diego Landscape Solutions understands that the design process is much more than planting pretty flower beds and laying down some lawn. Visually pleasing gardens are well planned compositions, where compatible planting coexists in harmony with built outdoor elements to create a cohesive whole. Add to the mix, utilities such as lighting and drainage and you’ve got a complex process best left to professionals. Creative landscape design can help transform the garden of your dreams into reality, and should serve as a blueprint for the construction process.

San Diego Landscape Solutions offers comprehensive design services for residential landscapes of all sizes and shapes. Our creative designers are passionate about design, and attentive to your every need. Your garden is your private paradise and we realize that client input is a vital ingredient in creating unique gardens that reflect your personality and style. We will work with you to formulate your requirements and provide you with innovative ideas to optimize your outdoor space.

San Diego Landscape Solutions considers the garden to be an outdoor extension of your home and we offer designs for a wide variety of garden styles that compliment the style of your home. Whether you are looking for a minimalist design with sharp, clean lines, contemporary gardens with hues of green that serve as a backdrop for splashes of color, or a formal garden with manicured lawns and neatly edged planters, our designers can translate your vision into a build-able plan. We use the latest software to produce drawings that will ensure the design is built to plan.

We specialize in all types of water features, paved surfaces, garden walls, fireplaces and outdoor trellis and pergola structures. We also offer custom design services for outdoor living spaces that include seating areas, barbeque areas and even outdoor kitchens for your entertaining pleasure. Our designers are experts in dealing with challenging sites that call for innovative design solutions.

If you’ve imagined it, let San Diego Landscape Solutions design it for you. For beautifully planned gardens that reflect attention to detail, contact our office to schedule a site visit and let the creativity flow!

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