Landscape Maintenance

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Landscape maintenance is essential in preserving the original design intent and vision of the designer and client. Landscapes, unlike structures, are dynamic and continually evolving. They look great when first planted, but without proper landscape maintenance services, can quickly degenerate into an overgrown mass of weeds. Professional landscape maintenance can help to keep your garden looking lush, green and as beautiful as the day it was planted.

At San Diego Landscape Solutions, we consider maintenance an art form and take pride in keeping your garden looking neat, clean and verdant all year round. Our maintenance crew is highly trained, very knowledgeable and totally dedicated to keeping your gardens beautiful and free from unwanted weeds and pests. We offer a full range of landscape maintenance services for both residential and commercial landscapes. If you have a problem, we can come out, take a look at the site and provide you with solutions to fix the problem and stop it from recurring in the future.

Our maintenance services extend to all aspects of landscaping and can help to increase the longevity and vitality of your garden by expert pruning, timely fertilization to increase plant blooms and ensuring that your underground irrigation is functioning efficiently. We maintain and repair paved surfaces and pathways, pergolas and outdoor structures, outdoor lighting systems and water features to ensure that you continue to enjoy your garden, without any hassles, for many years to come.

We also offer professional lawn maintenance services to provide you with a healthy, cushioned lawn surface for your entertainment or leisure activities. Our lawn maintenance services include mowing your lawn regularly to specified heights, following a strict watering schedule to keep your lawn looking beautiful year round and applying fertilizers and pest control as required.

Whatever your maintenance needs, San Diego Landscape Solutions has the expertise and the resources to meet your expectations. We use the best quality equipment and adhere to strict guidelines for safety standards. Leave the maintenance to us and we’ll ensure that your garden is a source of constant pride and joy for you. Contact us for your all your landscape maintenance needs and we’ll take care of the rest.

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