Stop Wasting Water! Get Irrigation Maintenance Done Now

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Stop Wasting Water! Get Irrigation Maintenance Done Now

Many homeowers run their irrigation sytems too long. Alot of water is wasted and a landscape professional will help you identify issues and get them corrected.

It will ultimately save you water and money in the long run.

With springtime right around the corner, we strongly recommend you take a look at your irrigation system to be sure it’s operating correctly.

– Time to check your valves to make sure there are no leaks.
– Go through all your stations to make sure there are no broken heads.
– If you have drip or micro spray irrigation, check to set everything is working properly.
– Be sure your timer is working properly
– Add a rain sensor to automatically shut off the timer when we do get rain.

Since many homeowners shut off their irrigation for extending periods of time during winter months now is a good time to turn everything back on, test the system thoroughly and take care of any irrigation repairs to optimize your system.

In the past few years, there are a few new products that have been brought to the market that will help you save water.

Converting to low flow irrigation nozzles for your lawn is a quick way to save water and money.

It’s a simple job which entails swapping out nozzles from the old fan spray irrigation nozzles to the fan spray/rotor combination nozzles…the MP Rotators.

Benefits of these nozzles are as follows.

– Less evaporation
– Better coverage
– Less runoff
– Fixes lower pressure systems

You can also convert all the irrigation for your planters to drip or micro spray.

Instead of overwatering dirt and mulch in your planting beds, you can convert your current layout to drip irrigation and just water the base of the plants, which in turn gives you healthier plants and less weeds.

Now is the time to get these issued addressed.

Contact your professional landscape contractor today to get an irrigation tune up…it will save you money in the long run.


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